I recently had an opportunity to speak with Elizabeth Crawford about emerging packaging trends on her Soup-to-Nuts podcast for FoodNavigator-USA. There was much to cover but most of our conversation focused on the importance of honesty and transparency in branding and how companies can communicate their true value to consumers through their packaging. Consumers are increasingly more interested in the brands and products they buy. They want to know who is behind the brand, what process is being used to make the product, what are the ingredients and where they come from. Packaging is the ideal vehicle for brands to communicate this information to consumers but, with limited label real estate, packaging cannot, and should not, communicate everything about a product. It is essential for brands to understand their consumers' needs and motivations in order to identify and convey the message that is most likely to inspire trial, purchase, repurchase, and loyalty. Once this message has been identified, it is the job of design to express it in the most thruthful, unique, consistent, and memorable way.

Listen to the podcast here.

Jacques Rossouw
Managing Partner / Creative Director