SeaPak approached Voicebox to redesign its logo and 30+ product SKUs to better align the brand with its message of allowing busy families to “chillax” and escape the stress of mealtime with nutritious, easy-to-prepare seafood from SeaPak.

SeaPak’s insight and confidence to put the consumers’ lifestyle first in their brand messaging was key in our design process. Designing for today’s consumer involves listening and observing how a brand’s story is seen, heard and experienced in the market – something on which we as an agency pride ourselves – in order to deliver a package that has stopping power and communicates a compelling message to the consumer quickly and effectively.

Our refined look stays true to SeaPak’s classic image as to not confuse or alienate existing consumers. We made the products the focal point of the packaging, inviting consumers to picture a relaxing, healthy and easy meal made with SeaPak products.

To separate SeaPak from others in the competitive frozen seafood section, we positioned the products on a nautical-themed white plank background with light blue accents. A more contemporary font style was added as was the brand’s inception date, which further exemplifies the brand’s history of providing quality, great-tasting, responsibly sourced seafood for nearly 70 years.

It is very rewarding to continue working with SeaPak on branding and design initiatives. The passion, commitment, and energy of the entire brand team ensures that we are constantly elevating our game.

“Voicebox’s substantial experience helping larger, well-established, high-quality brands refresh and reinvigorate their packaging made this process easy and fun. We are incredibly pleased that Voicebox’s new design allows SeaPak to break through the clutter of the freezer door, uphold and communicate our key brand benefits and is flexible enough to apply to new product additions.” Kristen Beadon, Marketing Manager at SeaPak.

Jacques Rossouw
Managing Partner / Creative Director